Image of two rocks with small bridge between them to show how Houston interim CFO bridges the gap between permanent CFOs

How to Onboard Your Houston Interim CFO

If you need a Houston interim CFO, then it’s important to know what your next steps are. In this article, we’ll discuss why you may …

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small tree growing to illustrate how businesses grow with the right start up business consulting services

Start Up Business Consulting: Common Start Up Failure Causes

Start up businesses fail at high rates. In just the first year alone, about 20% fail, and within the first five years, approximately 50% will …

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stack of rocks to show how mergers & acquisitions advisory can help build a solid foundation for your M&A deal

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory for Successful Deals

Mergers & acquisitions advisory from financial experts can help you position yourself for success in the M&A space. Many proposed acquisitions fail, leading to potentially …

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oil well against beautiful sunset after the producer pursued business financing solutions for their operations

Business Financing Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is booming right now, necessitating careful financial planning for your firm. A financial consultant can help you explore business financing …

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mergers & acquisitions advisory helps you navigate business sale

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory: Sell-Side Advisors

In an M&A transaction, both sides can benefit from mergers & acquisitions advisory. While many buy-side organizations use a mergers and acquisitions advisor, there are …

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man atop mountain to show how start up business consulting helps you make a plan to reach the top for your business

Start Up Business Consulting for Financial Planning

You have an idea and you’re ready to start a business. Where do you go from here? Many business owners start out with a great …

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aerial view of many pathways in a field to illustrate the many small business financing solutions for acquisition deals

Small Business Financing Solutions for Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are a great strategy for growing your business. M&A deals can help you increase income and market share quickly and effectively. However, …

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pine trees signifying a business putting down roots by purchasing real estate with small business financing solutions

Small Business Financing Solutions for Real Estate Purchase

Is it time to buy commercial real estate for your business? There comes a time when purchasing real estate is more cost-effective than leasing space …

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person looking out from cliff to show how mergers & acquisitions advisory helps businesses explore company information during due diligence

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory: Due Diligence is Critical

Mergers and acquisitions are a common strategy for growing companies quickly and cost-effectively. However, deals can fail, and key exposures may be missed or misunderstood, …

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