Capital & Financing Advisory for Small to Medium Businesses

Need help sourcing capital and looking great to lenders? Our team offers finance and capital advisory services to help you position and present yourself well to secure quality financing and capital options from reputable groups.  We can help create a strategic plan to help your small or mid-market business optimize capital and financing. We work with you to help match you with lenders and investors that meet your needs and goals. Our team leverages strong relationships with a wide range of lenders to help find financing solutions with desirable terms for your specific needs.

Some areas in which our financial experts can help include:

  • Capital structuring
  • Capital raising
  • Refinancing
  • Recapitalization
  • Capital for buy outs
  • Small business funding
  • Private debt management
  • Capital readiness consulting
Financing Advisory

We know what investors and lenders need to see to put their trust in your business. Our team can help you design capital and financing strategies so you can get the capital you need for success. Want to expand or even acquire a competitor? You’ll need capital to make it happen.

Our team assists with ensuring your capital structure fits your overall strategy and can help advise on business financing for your small or middle market company. We specialize in providing financial guidance and services to help businesses all over the U.S. and Canada with their growth and stability goals.

We’re here to help you nurture your 5 C’s of credit:

  • Capital
  • Collateral
  • Capacity
  • Credit
  • Character

With our help, you can strengthen your company’s creditworthiness overtime so you can raise capital when you need it. Whether you need to borrow now or are looking toward a future where you’ll need capital for continued growth, our team is here to help you strategize for capital and financing.

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Helping Your Business Secure Financing

Many small and mid-market businesses face challenges when securing financing or raising capital. They simply are shut out of many financing options that large companies have access to. Mid-market businesses may face even further issues raising capital, as there are fewer government programs for mid-market businesses than for small businesses.

Our team at Sabre Financial is here to help you get the capital you need for success. Whether you need financing to fund growth, expansion, acquisitions, or purchasing assets, our financial experts can help you understand all your options and offer guidance and support. Our team can also help find lenders and investors that suit your capital raising needs based on your objectives and strategies.

In many cases, to secure financing, your company needs detailed business plans, strategies, and financial records to provide to the lender. Do you know what investors are looking for to make a “go or no-go” decision? We do.

Our specialists can help you navigate the process of obtaining funding, whether from traditional lenders, government programs, or non-traditional means. We can help you articulate your strategies and plans to help give investors and lenders the information they need to make a decision on your company. We can even help you find potential lenders and investors to find a great match for your needs. Our capital and financing advisory team is here to help your business achieve your financial goals with our financial expertise.

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