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Financial Advisory & Consulting

You’ve built a successful small business or maybe you’re in the process of building one.

Do you find yourself running around to put out fires without having the time to be proactive and plan ahead? Do you feel like your financial function could use some improvement because you’re always so focused on sales and operations? Are you in need of small business financing from lenders or investors? Are you interested in a small business acquisition or other M&A and need some bandwidth and expertise?

Sabre Financial Group is here to help you address those questions and challenges with a host of small business advisory services for small to mid-market companies. Our team can help you strategize, maximize value, and plan for the future. Whether you need Interim CFO/Controller Services, Merger & Acquisition Advisory, or small business loans and financial planning/support, we can provide guidance and expertise to support your company.

We help small and mid-market businesses throughout the U.S. and Canada to reach their financial goals and objectives. Our team offers financial advisory and strategic planning to help you make the most of your company.

Mergers & Acquisition Advisory for Growth

Your business is thriving and you’re ready to take the next step to grow your business, whether that means adding new offerings, merging, expanding, or acquiring a competitor. However, you want to make sure your business survives the growing pains. We offer years of experience and expertise to help you strategize and prepare for sustainable growth.


We are here to help you achieve your growth goals smoothly and successfully. Whether through recurring CFO Services or via Capital, M&A, or other transactional advisory, our team offers years of experience to help you grow and achieve another level of success. We can help match you with the right lenders and investors and also offer support and guidance as you devise a plan for growth and expansion. For informed decision making, we can help give you insights into the future with financial models and business acumen to help you do what’s right for your company.

Let us help your company get ready for the next milestone. Then to that milestone. And then to whatever lies beyond.

Our Experience

Our leadership team at Sabre Financial offers over 100 years of combined experience in the financial advisory industry. Founded in 2015, we’ve been helping small and mid-market businesses around the U.S. and Canada achieve their objectives for growth and transition. We draw on our years of experience, strong ethical code and transparency policies, and a large national network of lenders and investors to help companies succeed.

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