Does Your Business Need a Part-Time CFO?

Small to mid-market businesses may require the services of a CFO as they grow but not in the traditional sense. They may need someone to help either on a Part-Time basis or for specific monthly tasks. If your business falls in this category, consider bringing on a Part-Time CFO to help your financial department remain stable and to continue growing.


Analyzing budget variances can be a complex process. Without concrete information on where you went wrong, your business can have difficulty minimizing future variances and reaching your target metrics. When working with a CFO, their primary role is understanding how and why your business went off course and devising a solution to get you back on track. A Part-Time CFO will develop inferences about budget variances, giving you detailed information on how to adjust resources and plan for upcoming periods.

Monthly & Quarterly Financial Statements

If your business needs someone on a part-Time basis or for specific monthly tasks; consider bringing on a Part-Time CFO to help your financial department remain stable and to continue growingFrequent and accurate financial statements are one of the fundamental components to achieving your strategic objectives. If you find that your business neglects to review the financial statements until year-end, it might be time to bring in a Part-Time CFO. 

If your company has a goal to grow by a certain percentage by the end of the year, it is important to have regular reporting to make sure you’re on track to meeting that goal. A Part-Time CFO might not be needed for the day-to-day tasks within your business, but they can be beneficial at month-end when it comes time to review performance and adjust objectives going forward. 

Scaling your Business

Technology has lowered the barriers to entry in most industries. Without the proper strategies and a conscious effort to scale, you might find your business experiencing little to no growth. If you notice that revenue hasn’t improved over the past few months, you might benefit from a Part-Time CFO. A Part-Time CFO can pinpoint areas where your business excels and where it needs improvement. This will give you access to the big picture and granular actions needed to grow.

Managing Risk

Risk is inevitable in every industry. Therefore, managing risk is extremely important when staying competitive within the market. In addition, minimizing your risk not only contributes to the financial health of your organization, but can also improve your performance metrics. However, evaluating risk on both a macro and micro scale can be time consuming, and this is where a Part-Time CFO can step in. 

The right Part-Time CFO helps you understand and minimize risk on every level, from finding the optimal insurance coverage to evaluating global market trends and their impact on your business. Overlooking your risks can result in a serious financial loss, which is why a Part-Time CFO is indispensable. 

As-Needed CFO Help

If your business functions fine during day-to-day operations but could use assistance in understanding the big picture, a Part-Time CFO can help. These financial experts are contracted on an as-needed basis according to the needs of your business. They will look at how you’re functioning currently and help you determine what you will need going forward. From providing extra guidance on a high-level decision to assisting with closing procedures at the end of the month; they are available to offer support in the way your company needs. 

The Solution: A Part-Time CFO

Sabre Financial Group can help your business succeed and leverage the benefits of an experienced team without the high costs of hiring an in-house employee. If you find yourself looking for expert guidance on a recurring basis, an outsourced Part-Time CFO might be the solution you’re looking for. Contact our team here to learn more.

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