Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory: Sell-Side Advisors

mergers & acquisitions advisory helps you navigate business sale
Sell-side mergers & acquisitions advisory helps you navigate the path toward a successful business sale.

In an M&A transaction, both sides can benefit from mergers & acquisitions advisory. While many buy-side organizations use a mergers and acquisitions advisor, there are also many reasons to consider advisory for sell-side. In this article, we’ll explain what M&A advisory is and how it differs from business brokerage. We will also explain a few key benefits of hiring an advisor for business sales.

Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory

Sell-side mergers & acquisitions advisory is where you have an experienced advisor helping you sell your business. These advisors assist you throughout the transaction to help you protect your interests. It’s important to work with an advisory team that understands sell-side M&A transactions. Some M&A advisors focus only on buy-side services, experience which may not be helpful when selling your business. Instead, you want a team with experience on both sides to help you with your M&A deal.

M&A Advisors vs. Business Brokers

Some business owners choose to work with a business broker when they decide to sell their business. However, you need to know that M&A advisors and business brokers are quite different. Here are some of the differences between these two types of professionals:

M&A Advisors Business Brokers
  • Work on a wide range of transactions, large, small, and mid-market
  • Complex, in-depth valuation assessments and financial analyses
  • Offers long-term advisory and ongoing services during and after the deal closes
  • Relational in nature
  • Primarily work with small transactions and traditional industries
  • Simple valuation methods mostly based on sales, earnings, and assets
  • May provide introductions more than advisory
  • Short-term and transactional in nature

As you can see, there are many differences between business brokers and mergers & acquisitions advisors. While business brokers generally take a more introductory and passive approach, M&A advisors are proactive and help you formulate a complete strategy for business sales.

The Value of Business Sale & Exit Advisory for Business Owners

Mergers & acquisitions advisory on the sell-side can offer many advantages for business owners. Advisors can help with each phase of the sale to help you get the best value for your business. Not only do they help match you with potential buyers, but advisors also offer ongoing support throughout the transaction.

For example, planning is an important part of business sale & exit advisory. Before finding buyers for your business, it helps to prepare the business so you can go into negotiations with all the information you need. Getting documents ready, preparing business valuation assessments, and defining your goals for sale can all help streamline the process.

Once you’re ready, your M&A advisors help find buyers and offer both business and financial acumen to help you negotiate the best deal for your business. Having a seasoned advisor on your team for a business sale can help reduce stress, save time, and increase value for your transaction.

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